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Telugu Curriculum
Language Level:
The Telugu language course is designed to teach students the history, culture, and language of Telugu, one of the oldest and richest languages in India.

The course is divided into three levels – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 – with each level building on the previous one.

Level 1

Level 1 of the course introduces students to the Telugu language, including its history, culture, and importance. Students will learn the Telugu script, including the pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and basic grammar.

The course also focuses on building vocabulary through common words and phrases used in daily communication. Additionally, students will have listening and speaking exercises to practice their pronunciation, conversation, and comprehension skills.

Students will also learn to read and write Telugu script and will be introduced to simple stories and poems from Telugu literature.

Level 2

Level 2 of the course builds on the skills learned in Level 1, with a focus on intermediate Telugu grammar, expanding vocabulary for various topics and situations, and improving reading and writing skills with more complex texts.

Students will also learn about Telugu culture and traditions and will read short stories, poems, and excerpts from Telugu literature.

The course includes discussion and debate on current affairs in Telugu-speaking regions.

Level 3

Level 3 of the course is designed for advanced learners and focuses on advanced Telugu grammar, increasing proficiency in the language, and honing pronunciation and accent.

Students will also develop higher proficiency in reading and writing complex text and analyzing the language and style of Telugu literature.

The course includes an in-depth study of various genres of Telugu literature and understanding the nuances of Telugu culture, history, and traditions. Students will participate in group discussions and debates on various topics.

Overall, the Telugu language course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the language, literature, history, and culture of Telugu.

Students will be taught through a combination of lectures, exercises, and discussions, and will have the opportunity to practice their skills through various activities and assignments. The curriculum may vary depending on the institution and the level of the Telugu language course, but the general structure and format remain consistent across levels.

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