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Australia's Top Primary Schools

Education is an essential factor in any child’s development and one of the most important sources of success in life. Whether you want your child to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or just happy and successful, a high-quality education is vital.

Not only do you need to consider the quality of education that will be received by your child, but you also must consider the overall environment and culture of the school itself. You might have to make a decision on which school is right for you and your family based not just on academic results and information but on other things as well.

In the seventh grade, kids start secondary education, and they finish it in the twelfth. The core subjects in primary school are math, social studies, English composition and reading, and ecology. Students have access to a variety of extracurricular activities, including music, sports, theatre, science, art, computer studies, and foreign languages.

To become the best in the world, the Australian public education system is always being improved. At West major public primary schools, policies are continuously assessed to safeguard and promote educational equity, advance STEM skills, and, most importantly, improve the education experience for both domestic and international students, irrespective of their backgrounds.

We have taken all these factors into account while creating this extensive guide for you. We hope it helps you parents in your search for the right school for their child.


For many parents in Australia, the hunt for an appropriate school can be arduous and expensive. This is why we have researched which are the top 10 primary schools in Australia to make your family’s search easier. All of these schools are highly rated , are top-ranked nationally and internationally, and offer a number of after-school opportunities that would be more than likely to be beneficial for your child. The goal of elementary education is the development of fundamental reading, numeracy, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. Australia’s education is overseen by the government, which also ensures that the nation’s high academic standards and stellar reputation are upheld.


Along with the role performed by the school itself, a wide range of other factors also have an impact on academic achievements. These include the students’ social background , the school’s student admission policy, and others.

Whether you live in Brisbane or Launceston, it will ensure that you have found a place where your children will receive a great education for both their academic achievement and personal development .Australia has so many amazing schools to choose from, but if you’re looking for the 10 best primary schools in Australia, then here’s a list of the top 10.

Sydney Grammar, Edgecliff
State: NSW

Sydney Grammar is a private institution. Students who exhibit academic promise and also do well on the scholarship test are considered for up to 26 credits of free tuition each year. It is also well known for its impressive academic achievements. For instance, in NAPLAN, it is the top-performing private school in the country.

For Forms I through VI, non-boarding, the annual tuition is A$36,615 and is due in three instalments of $12,205 each at the start of Terms I, II, and III.


Website: https://edgecliff.sydgram.nsw.edu.au/

Sydney Grammar, St Ives
State: NSW

The education at St. Ives is in a dynamic educational setting that specialises particularly in bright students who are inquisitive, innovative, and demonstrate a drive to learn. a culture that contributes to society and rewards optimistic results and sheer determination.


Website: https://stives.sydgram.nsw.edu.au/

Abbotsleigh, Wahroonga
State: NSW

Girls attend this integrated school recognised as Abbottsleigh. A uniform is required and strictly enforced. Abbotsleigh is a suburb in the Sydney Northern Suburbs of New South Wales. One of the 46 independent schools in the Wahroonga region is Abbotsleigh.


Website: https://www.abbotsleigh.nsw.edu.au/

St Aloysius’ College, Milsons Point
State: NSW

In the backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there is a Catholic independent day school for students in grades 3 through 12 called St. Aloysius’ College. The Jesuit Order runs the over 1200-student College, which is a part of an international network of 1000 Jesuit primary and secondary schools and institutions. St. Ignatius Loyola, the Order’s founder, opened the first school in 1548.


Website: https://staloysius.nsw.edu.au/

Korowa Anglican Girls’, Glen Iris
State: VIC

An independent, Anglican day school for girls, Korowa Anglican Girls’ School is situated in the Glen Iris neighbourhood of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

In Melbourne and greater it consistently ranks among the top 10 academically performing schools.   Many students engage in competitive degrees available at the University of Melbourne and Monash University.


Website: https://www.korowa.vic.edu.au/

Woollahra Public
State: NSW

The school offers four Opportunity Classes for high-achieving Stage 3 children, and the pupils come from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

The goal of Woollahra Public School is to give pupils an exceptional education that is  full of opportunities in all subject areas. The school takes great satisfaction in its  supportive learning environment, where each child is respected and encouraged to  do their very best.


Website: https://woollahra-p.schools.nsw.gov.au/

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls, Corinda
State: QLD

St. Aidan’s is a girls-only Prep through Year 12 Anglican day school with a co-ed kindergarten. Set in Corinda, with a student population statistics of about 800, illustrates our belief that learners thrive much from attending a smaller school.


Website: https://www.staidans.qld.edu.au/

Haileybury, Keysborough
State: VIC

Haileybury is a well esteemed private school that offers a very fulfilling educational experience. Students can learn more, achieve more, and grow more via our emphasis on excellent teaching and learning, a strong community, and supportive learning conditions.


Website: https://www.haileybury.com.au/our-schools/keysborough

PLC, Burwood
State: VIC

PLC has been at the vanguard of girls’ education for 150 years, encouraging our students to explore their ambitions, take advantage of every opportunity, and perform to the very best of their abilities.

PLC encourages girls to strive for personal achievement in all areas of interest by building the skills necessary for lifelong learning, which will enhance their lives and position them for a successful future.


Website: https://www.plc.vic.edu.au/

Mosman Church of England Preparatory
State: NSW

Lower North Shore of Sydney is home to this independent primary boys school Mosman Church of England Preparatory School (Mosman Prep). Every boy at Mosman Prep is known and cared for, giving them the tools they need for a successful future. Our faculty and students flourish in a vibrant and encouraging community setting, which is built upon a Christian belief and a firm dedication to excellence.


Website: https://www.mosmanprep.nsw.edu.au/


As you can see from this list, there are many great schools to choose from, no matter where you live in Australia. However, if you are considering sending your child to one of the top 10 primary schools in Australia, we have done some research for you.


Success is more multifaceted than academic results. If it can get the most out of its children, a primary school might be deemed excellent. This encompasses the growth of the social and emotional system, inventiveness and creativity, learning-friendly attitudes, and citizenship. In addition to evaluating academic success, several authorities on school rankings also take student wellbeing and school engagement into account.


A school’s value for your child’s future is partly determined by whether or not the teachers and administration share your views on teaching, learning, and educational objectives. Today, a lot of primary schools in Australia are starting to offer small-group and one-to-one tutoring, self-paced technology interventions, academic coaching and advising, homework assistance, and more assessment time. The effectiveness of education is improved by all of these aspects.

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