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Complete support and features for you and your child. Access recorded sessions, interactive whiteboards, regular assessments, easy-to-use LMS, and an available app for both tablet and phone!

Choosing Smavy

Your time, money, and energy are precious. That’s why we’re giving you the best support even before joining us. Get a preview of your Smavy experience by doing a demo session with us.

Learning with Smavy

1-on-1 learning that lets students study at their own pace and their own style. Unlike other centers, you can choose a tutor from the get-go and work with them even when the student goes up a grade.

Custom-made curriculum based on the student’s needs

Right before sessions start, the tutor designs a custom-made curriculum based on your child’s academic needs.

The curriculum is aligned to the current academic curriculum of Australian students. This way, your student easily applies their learnings from tutoring to school.

Academically Proven learning techniques & assessments

Our tutor is trained to apply learning techniques, such as Spaced Repetition and Active Recall. These methods are both scientifically and academically proven.

All of them have learned numerous innovative online teaching techniques directly from University of New South Wales’ Online Teaching Course.

Monitor the child’s performance, challenges, & achievements

1-on-1 personalised learning means our tutors get to closely monitor their student’s performance. They will be sending the parents regular progress reports and schedule periodic virtual meetings with them.

Parents also have access to the platform and view detailed updates and curriculum. Find out what topics have been covered so far, and what the tutor intends to cover in upcoming sessions.

Detailed performance assessment reports of their child are also available for parent’s viewing.

Teaching One Student At A Time

In every 1:1 session, all attention and focus is dedicated to the needs of your child

Aisha sohail
Aisha sohail
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I highly recommend SMAVY , the teachers are very dedicated , knowledgeable , highly educated and professional , they teach according to students compatibility and requirements . Admin staff is also very cooperative and responsive specially I would like to mention Divyashree and Rahul.
Krishnamoorthy Rajendiran
Krishnamoorthy Rajendiran
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My son who is in Year 7 joined Smavy earlier this year. Smavy is very professional in providing tutoring services as per the Australian Curriculum. Smavy’s tutoring platform, tutors and their customer support team are excellent. Congratulations to Srini and his team for providing excellent tutoring services at affordable price.

veena ramachandran
veena ramachandran
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All the teachers are dedicated and strive to give their best for the student to excel. Appreciate the Smavy team.
Chetan P
Chetan P
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The teachers are very professional, thorough and teach according to the Students requirements, would highly recommend as the recordings of all the classes are saved for future references.
Falak Saad
Falak Saad
Read More
I really appreciate the platform. The smavy team is doing great.
Achievements with Smavy

Rank higher in class. Prepare for tests like NAPLAN, ICAS, and others. Bring back their love for learning. Whatever your child’s academic goals are, Smavy will help you reach them.

Your child deserves better than generic lesson plans that benefit a few. Now, custom-made curriculums, 1-on-1 classes, and advanced LMS tools are made accessible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring is a great supplement to your child’s schooling. However, it’s not always about improving their marks.

If your child is feeling frustrated with learning, or if you are looking to advance his or her skills, tutoring could be your answer.

SMAVY understands that each child has unique skill sets. It’s also our job to help your child discover their strongest skills and truest talents to make them savvy adults.

Yes! Get a choose your tutor  and experience a session before committing your time, money, and energy.

Unlike other tutoring service providers where the parents are expected to pay upfront without first-hand experience, SMAVY makes sure you’re confident before putting in the work.

Absolutely! You have access to our online portal where you can see your child’s progress, and how they are developing within our learning plan.

You can also check in regularly with the tutor at your most convenient time.

Yes! Each child learns differently. It is SMAVY’s priority to give your child a personalised curriculum to accommodate their unique learning needs.

Also, once you’ve chosen your best tutor, you can keep working with them even if your kid goes up a grade.

This minimises disruption in their learning and is especially useful for kids who take time to socially adapt.

Of course! We believe your child’s potential is limitless. SMAVY provides enriched currriculum classes based on a custom program, so your child can become an even better student.

We support subjects for primary and secondary school (K-9) students throughout the year. Our subjects include reading, math, science, writing, and more. Learn more about our courses here.

Your tutoring package includes UNLIMITED access to an advanced learning platform.

Use it in-between lessons for a more personalised and blended learning path. It’s built to improve participation and enable student enrichment.

We screen our tutors and employ only the experienced experts.

As part of their onboarding process, the tutors are trained with online teaching techniques learned from University of New South Wales’ curriculum.

They’re equipped with scientifically proven learning techniques like Spaced Repetition, and Active Recall.

No. Dip your toes in before diving in and paying! Before you start your lessons, you have an option to sign up for a demo session. You don’t have to enroll until you’re satisfied with the lessons and the tutor. Once that’s arranged, you can then pay for advanced sessions (or start with just one).

We aim to bring affordable quality education to every household. Get more value by paying per session, and not for a whole curriculum. Your personalised curriculum will first be planned out. Once you’re satisfied, the price will be discussed between you and our sales team.

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