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1:1: Online Private Classes

Find a tutor that keeps up with your child (not the other way around).

SMAVY prioritises individualised learning. Experience hands-on and one-to-one learning with us.

Dual Camera Setup
Virtual Classroom supporting dual camera setup simulating
same experience as Face to Face learning. The Teacher can see both the students and their desk/notebook during 
the class.
Comprehensive Course Content
Comprehensive course content, training & practice materials
designed from scratch by experts,
and tailored for the Australian curriculum.
Interactive Assessments
Extensive question bank with interactive assessments
to prepare students for ICAS and Selective Exams
One-stop learning solution
A single platform with multiple features you and your kids enjoy – progress reporting, review previous recorded classes, whiteboard etc.
Android & IOS Mobile App
Aside from Smavy LMS Web Platform, Mobile App (Android and IOS) are available for offline chat with Tutors.
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