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Our Purpose:
To secure SUCCESS in every child's future

The Smavy team are both educators and parents in their own right. It’s our mission to make quality and innovative education within the reach of more kids through an affordable pricing system.

Smavy harnesses every child’s strength and uses it as a springboard towards a futures where the child’s identity is fully formed, their talents are cherished, and their life is fulfilled.

We believe in personalised learning so much that the platform creator’s kids are enjoying the benefits of it, as well.

For the Students

Stay savvy and happy! Advance in your school. Develop your talents. Create a life you love with the help of Smavy.

For the Parents

Gift your child with lasting education that will equip them as they grow into savvy adults.

For the Tutors

Driven by our tireless passion to make a difference. Our tutors teach to help your child’s modern needs.

Our Vision:
The World’s Future Online Classroom

Smavy creates classrooms where children are excited to learn, tutors are passionate educators, and parents are comfortably involved.

Complete with support and features for everyone. Access recorded sessions, interactive whiteboards, regular assessments, easy-to-use LMS, and an accessible app for mobile devices.


Your child’s learning needs are put front and center. Lessons are customised to meet the student’s learning style. Learnings are highly transferrable from tutor to school as we adopt the accredited Australian F-10 curriculum.

Tutors aren’t haphazardly switched to not cause disruption to the student’s learning rhythm. Once you have created rapport with the tutor, your child will be matched with the same tutor even when promoted to the next grade.



Our tutors are trained to provide academically proven learning techniques such as Spaced Repetition and Active Recall. These interactive classes keep students engaged and ready to absorb new information.

Parents are also given the flexibility to be involved however they want. Receive regular reports from our tutors. Schedule meetings with them in your most convenient time. Access your child’s progress anytime through our portal. And check out saved session recordings to witness their performance in action.

How one-on-one session
can help your child
Here are guiding principles that shaped Smavy in securing SUCCESS in your child’s future
Even with distance, we offer our students care through our actions and our words as we help mold them into empathetic adults.
We value the role of a teacher during a child’s formative years. It’s our duty to provide them a safe space to continuously learn and grow.
Personal Connection
Children learn and listen to people they connect with. Building a genuine relationship with them makes learning more fun, and gives them the confidence to advance further.
We give our tutors the flexibility to explore their craft and trust their capabilities of imparting knowledge. They are passionate about teaching and parents can trust them to produce great results for their kids.
Our tutors are experts in their respective fields. Before joining the team, they were screened and trained to become effective online teachers.
World Class Experience
As we venture into expanding globally competitive education, we’ll hold our teaching to the highest standards—always investing in world-class materials and techniques.
What Our Logo Represents
Each icon of our logo represents four values that apply
to everyone in the Smavy community.

Learn and understand with energy and excitement


Retain the learnings, and have awareness on how, when, and where to apply it


Security and assurance of world class education

Apply (Achievement)

Right application of the learning symbolizes success. Securing success of every child

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Smavy Academy
Smavy Academy is dedicated to constant learning & knowledge sharing.
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